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Face Time Kit
Face Time Kit
Face Time Kit
Face Time Kit

Face Time Kit

Our specifically designed Face Time kit contains everything you need to keep on top of your skin & smile. We've put together the most fantastic bundle of items for you which retailed individually would cost over £70. Included in this set is the Signature Magnetic Face Mask, 24K Gold moisturising scrub and our brand new Black Head Removal Set.. This set really has it all and covers your personal care from every angle. For more information on the products in the Face-Time kit click the tabs below.

Be sure to visit each individual product to read some of the fantastic reviews. The 2 step blackhead mask is brand new and the only one on the market, the reviews are coming :)

Gift? Each Kit comes in a gift box making it the perfect present.


  • Magnetic Face Mask
  • Black Head Removal Set
  • 24k Gold Scrub

A facial mask designed to rejuvenate and re-nourish the skin. When it comes to ingredients your skin adores, our Magnetic Face Mask is packed with vital minerals and oils for overall skin health. The mask contains Dead Sea minerals which are proven to cleanse and detoxify skin cells and improve circulation. The salts and many essential oils work wonders for skin ailments. When it comes to removing the mask, the magnet works to remove it effortlessly, leaving a soft and smooth complexion. Finish by massaging the remaining product into the skin, for a fresh feeling and healthy glow. Use as frequently as desired. Each tub contains 3-5 masks depending on application.

Introducing the revolutionary Black Head Removal Set. Through sweet science and a twist of innovation, we bring you two products that work hand in hand to remove bacteria from the skins pores and leave you feeling clean and refreshed. The Hot Mask works to warm and relax the pores of your face. This process brings dirt to the surface and stubborn bacteria that is deep within the pores. The blackhead mask works to fill itself into the open pores and slowly set around the bacteria within. Peel and reveal the blackheads on the mask. You are cleansed! As easy and effective as that.

Our most revolutionary product, the new 24K Gold scrub is as eye catching as it is proven. Combined with the latest scientific formula for a moisturiser, we have added very small and fine flakes of Gold that work to exfoliate the skins top layers. As the moisturiser works to replenish the skin below, you will see the exfoliated dead skin come off in your hand. A stunning product that works wonders for your skin. Recommended to use the 24k Gold scrub once or twice a week for the most effective results.