Teeth Whitener
Teeth Whitener

Teeth Whitener

Our signature and trusted Teeth Whitener is 100% natural, non abrasive and proven. The activated charcoal works to remove surface stains that your everyday toothpaste cant by absorbing bacteria and general produce from the tooths surface. Read on to find out why you should be using our Teeth Whitener.

Why is our Teeth Whitener for you?

  • Stained teeth from smoking, coffee or general bad eating habits over the years? The polish will, within the first few uses, retain the tooth's original colour and remove stubborn stains whilst not damaging the tooth enamel.
  • Looking to remove plaque and get pearly white celebrity looking teeth? Within just a few weeks you will see up to 8 shades difference in the whiteness of your teeth. Saving you a few thousand on veneers.
  • 100% Animal Cruelty Free
  • 100% Natural and suitable for Vegans
  • Use a few times a week before your normal toothpaste. Leave on for a few minutes allowing the teeth whitener to really bind with the surface stains for the best results.
  • For a better look at the key ingredients in our teeth whitener have a look at the ingredient tabs below.

Key Ingredients

  • Activated Charcoal
  • Bentonite Clay

Activated charcoal holds valuable natural adhesive qualities that help remove tough surface stains. It also holds anti bacterial properties which in time would help kill bad breath toxins.

The mouth can be full of unwanted toxins and invaders. Bentonite clay binds to unhealthy substances around the gums, teeth and tongue to help get rid before swallowed.